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Sales and Business strategy need to marry with marketing. Neither can work in isolation.
Jade-Lee Herman

Business Strategy

Sales Coaching and long term Business Development

Sales and Business strategy cannot ever be overdone. Through business analytics and a variety of different industry experience, Manlou performs the roles of business development specialists for new and growing businesses.

and Marketing

Full Suite of Corporate Event Management

Beyond the aesthetics and gastronomy, Manlou brings technical marketing expertise to the table. We streamline your event booking and marketing processes online, making the journey from planning to execution simple, fun, and efficient. Trust Manlou to turn your vision into reality, leaving you with the freedom to savor every moment of your event.


African Small business development coaching and workshops

From facilitating sales with Africa Big Corp groups to identifying tools that will relieve the pressure from Solopreneurs.

This is not just a service; it’s where it all began for Jade and Manlou. We help establish processes where dreams evolve into reality, and businesses find their unique sales identity and voice. The Manlou Business Suite is an invitation to explore the infinite possibilities for growth.

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How we do it

You can't START without STRAT

Innovative strategies

Manlou has learnt that every meeting requires a strategic business report. You cannot market, sell, plan an event or launch a product without your service understanding your business development goals.Ā 

Data-Informed Decision making

Strategic insights

You probably don’t know that you already hold sufficient data to make informed decisions about your marketing, product sales and service quality offering. We help you know what data matters, what data will make your work easier and what will help you improve sales.

Tech | Tools and FUN

Personalized tactics

Many African businesses are limiting their growth, service offering and operational processes because they are not integrating the right tools.

Yes, we can setup that SEO juiced e-commerce website and establish the event website that achieves the minimal goals. BUT WHO WANTS to achieve the minimum? Speak to us about how you can achieve optimum!


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About Us

Who we are

At Manlou, we take pride in offering comprehensive new and growing business development consulting and coaching. Ensuring that every detail for business growth is meticulously curated to sustainability and accelerated profit increase.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

Jade-Lee Herman and Tebogo Matlou came together to establish Manlou Media and Communications in 2022. Their journey in the fields of Communications, PR, Event Management, Social Media, Project Management, and Business Development Consulting spans over 15 years before they formalized their partnership.

From consulting on critical aspects like Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), business incubation, product development, impactful launches, and meticulous monitoring and evaluation, to the creative realms of event planning, brand creation, social media management, and web design and developmentā€”Manlou Business Suite covers it all.

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