Unlock the Secrets to a Successful E-commerce Store

Join our comprehensive workshop on July 11, 2024, from 09:00 - 12:00

Pre-Workshop meet

Virtually: 4 July 2024

Time & Date

09:00 - 12:00 11 July 2024


27 Boxes : Reserved Cafe

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed for anyone looking to establish their own e-commerce store. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you will gain invaluable insights into setting up, managing, and growing your online store.

We know that Solopreneurs cannot often pay a developer to develop their ecommerce store. Each attendee will walk away with the skills and a free personal website coaching call to help you finalise your website build.

What You'll Learn

From how to get the right flow for your website using ChatGPT, to finding compatible templates, installing Ecommerce payment tools, creating a clear brand, uploading products and even dropshipping. These 3 hours will empower you to get S*#t done.

Preparing for Ecommerce

We send you a list of things to prepare before the course. E.g. registering with Yoco of Payfast for online payments, creating logo templates tools. We share a google doc with a short list.

Setup your website

Our workshop focuses on using WordPress and Woocommerce tools and integrations.

Understand product management

How to manage updating and costomizing how your product or service is viewed and sold online. We also take you through bulk product management.


We introduce dropshipping partners and tools to participants. We explain how you can sell other people’s products on your website in an automated way and HOW YOU can have your products available for dropshipping.

Website Maintenance

A car is only as good as it’s last service. Find out how you can easily keep your website healthy, spam free and your tools up to date.

Integrate Online payments

We spend time helping you setup your ecommerce payments. 

Design Tips for Consistency

We will share tips on basic design principles and ways to keep your website design consistent. I promise, it is not rocket science.

Why attend?

We are pretty sure that many Solopreneurs are pretty teachable and will grasp information quickly, because you are innovative and a Go Getter!

So you should attend if you have always wanted to setup your ecommerce store with a little help, and maybe even a little handholding (why not).


Expert guidance from seasoned professionals

Hands-on learning experience

Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals

Comprehensive resources and materials provided

Mind Retirement

P. Modimogale

Thank you so much for the website. I had time to look at it and I am amazed by your great work and efforts you put in. 

There is a shift that happened in my ind now and it is liberating.

Pan African Awards

Planning Team

Being capacitated to manage your own product empowers us to offer more and to do greater. Thank you.

Personal Portfolio


Having my experience and brand presented online is so critical. This is a life saver. 

Thank you

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11 July Ecommerce workshop
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